Other Products

1) Cam profile
2) Digital comparator
3) Tool preseter

Cam profile

  • 500mm between center standard - other length on request
  • Interactive software
  • Deviation error profile
  • Velocity error profile
  • Acceleration error profile
  • Jerk error profile
  • Can measure cams up to 18 lobes
  • Asymmetrical / symmetrical cam lobe measurement possible
  • Error report in excel format
  • Summary report for cam shaft
  • Motorised rotary axis
  • 0.0002 mm resolution for radius lift (0.0001mm) on request
  • 0.025 / 0.050 / 0.1º resolution for rotary axis
  • Selectable angular resolution for reporting
  • Graphical plot of lobes pattern on screen during measuring
  • Tolerance band displayed on screen
CAM Profile

Tool preseter

  • Highest precision
  • Easy handling
  • Shapely design
  • Two variations indicator / camera
Technology meets design The toolset provides a stable measuring column & a solid base made out of mineral cast. these features guarantee for highest stiffness as well as best temperature resistance for high repeating accuracy. Due to the easy-run-system made by inntotal austria.
The measuring axis can be moved very easily.
Highest precision scales, solid guidings & a measuring electronic which includes newest standards are simplifying the measuring operation & are offering a maximum measuring safety. The toolset is available for tool holders ISO 50 & ISO 40 as well as reductions on them for all common tool types. As a standard it is possible to choose between a toolset with mechanical indicator for more demanding measuring operations.

Digital Comparator

Measuring range 12/25
Measuring resolution - 5 / 2.5 / 1 /0.5 microns
Tolerance indicators for accept, reject & rework
Auto calibration
Non-Volatile memory backup
Data storage of 10 jobs with 2000 reading each (total 20000 reading)
Integral communication tools for recording / storing / analyzing measured data / spc export
Interface - foot switch / RS 232 / Printer
Digital Comparator