Encoder interface & drivers

1) USB Encoder Interface Box EUI-01/02
2) Interpolation unit
3) 24 line driver
4) Interfaces & Convertors
5) USB LVDT Comparator LUIB-01
6) Multi Gauging
7) Digital LVDT Comparator

USB Encoder Interface Box EUI-01/02

An encoder to USB converter EUI-01-02 translates encoder position to industry standards USB 2.0 format that can be read by computer
  • 32 bit real time up / down counter
  • Count range from 0 to 4294967295
  • Very high speed measures up to 12.5 Mhz input frequency
  • Two encoders can be interfaced with EUI-02
  • Following facility available through USB input
  • Reset , Preset, Reset on index pulse
  • USB 2.0 compliant
  • No need of external power supply. Connections directly to a computer's USB port
  • Quadrature X4 differential 5V TTL input
  • Easy to use with window's driver & demo software in
  • Ideal for Data acquisition, PC based control applications
Serial/USB encoder

24 V line driver

  • Converts 5V RS422 signals to 24 V with complementary outputs
  • 24 V external power supply required
24 line driver

Interpolation unit IAP1

The single axis sine-wave interpolator can accept 11μa or 1vpp differential sine / cosine signals & produce RS422 differential square wave quadrature signals.
  • Selectable interpolation factor 1,2,5,10
  • Accepts 11 μa or 1 VPP signals
  • Maximum input frequency 250 khz
  • Maximum output frequency 10 mhz
  • Extremely small from factor
  • RS422 line driver output
  • Fully synchronous operation
  • +5V operation
RS422 line driver

LVDT Interfaces & Convertors

  • LS-01 converter for half bridge LVDT probe to analog output
  • Din rail mounted
  • 24V external power supply required
  • Gives +/- 10v output for half bridge LVDT probes
  • LS-02 convertor which gives +/- 10 V output for half bridge LVDT probes
  • 20V external power supply required
Interpoluation unit