Digital readout-xtreme+for radial drill

Digital readout-xtreme + for mill Xtreme + series of DRO's are state of art DRO's with color graphical LCD display for jig boring machines.
  • Xtreme+Radial series of DRO's are state of art DRO's with color Graphical LCD display specially designed to work with radial drill machine.
  • All the functions of Xtreme + Mill
  • Specially designed for radial drill machine
  • Converts RQ axes displacement of radial drill machine into XY coordinates
  • Color graphical LCD display 5.7' diagonal size
  • User friendly GUI
  • 2/3/4 axis configuration
  • Built in 2D CMM features-check the job on same machine after work is over
  • Part tolerance
  • Online 2D drawing plotting on LCD display
  • 1:1 scale 2D drawing export to PC in DXF format
  • Touch probe interface
  • IR remote keyboard
  • Foot-switch input
  • Support complex circle / arc / line / frames / matrix hole patterns / mirroring / scaling.
  • Direct loading of DXF file using the software
  • 10000 points storage memory for RUN mode
  • Non linear error correction
Digital readout-xtreme+for radial drill