Innovative Automation Products - Management

Maintaining trust is more important than ever in today’s global business environment. Wherever Innovative Automation Products, we strive to conduct our business in a manner reflecting our Safety and Environment Protection Policy. Innovative Automation Products has numerous policies and systems in place to help ensure that our products and solutions are consistently effective and responsive. We are committed to achieve this through integrity and sound corporate governance. Today Innovative Automation Products is recognized as the preferred manufacturer of numeric digital readout systems and linear encoders for machine tools & metrology products. Our businesses and services are made possible in large part by your generous and valuable support. We continuously strive to maximize the value we bring to our Customers, Business Partners and Distributors alike. Efficient and effective operations and technical expertise all contribute to this effort. We have done wonders in the past and we are confident of our future. We adhere to our commitment to produce quality product and supply in time. We believe in utilizing latest technology to maintain the consistency and accuracy of our products.

I would like to thank all our valuable Customers, Principals, Business Partners and Employee for their continuous support and strength given to us in our progressive success, and realizing our vision and goals.

Mr. Yogesh P. Patil (Partner)
Education Qualification : Bachelor in Electronics Engineering, Diploma in Industrial Electronics


We aim to increase our volumes across every part of the world and maintain our value in the market.  The company has been upgrading infrastructure and network extensions, which helped the company to continue growing sales to its key sector. With a dedicated team of people at all levels, I am confident that Innovative Automation Products will continue to deliver outstanding results in the days to come, Innovative Automation Products has striven to provide value to the customer through every initiative that it has undertaken. Meeting customer expectations and ensuring their satisfaction at all times has been made possible by the continuous efforts of that Innovative Automation Products. Combination of new products emerging from our R&D department will lead to strengthening of alliances on manufacturing of strategic molecules with our customers. We have proven our ability in delivering values through alliances with customers on specialty intermediates and the thrust shall continue to cover broader range of products. We believe that as a team we shall take on new challenges and lead the company to new heights. We shall do our best to achieve our vision by providing qualitative products

I am confident that we shall continue to offer the best in range of products, services and more importantly, values.

Mr. Manish M. Shah (Partner)
Education Qualification : Bachelor in Electronics Engineering, Diploma in Digital Electronics